A place where our voices can be heard…Dying for the Truth to be known….

This small group known as The Forgotten Few exists to give Co Infected Haemophiliacs (and HIV infected partners) who were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C  by NHS contaminated blood products (Factor 8 etc.) representation to Parliament and other public bodies. Since the 1980s the co infected community have been ignored and many silenced due to the huge stigma associated with HIV. We have been forced to hide away in fear and this can no longer be allowed to continue. It is now time our small community has the pain, suffering and loss of life this tragedy has caused fully acknowledged by the British Government. We want a suitable compensation and healthcare package that reflects the injustices of the past and the suffering we still endure today.
If you are interested in our group and how to help or to request a membership, please email us at:


It has come to our attention at TFF that the Department of Health have sent a letter to all concerned inviting individuals to write in to the DoH with views on the forthcoming Inquiry.

It is our view and that of our legal team that we should NOT reply to this letter and NOT engage with the DoH under any circumstances.

It is the view of our legal representatives, quoting a letter sent by them to us, their clients…

‘The unanimous approach of all key stakeholders in this matter is that there must be a full Public Inquiry under the Inquiries Act with the power to examine/cross-examine witnesses under subpoena if necessary and secure disclosure of all relevant documentation and that management of the Inquiry is transferred immediately to another Department of State.

Our advice is that you do not respond to this letter.’

We are further down the road to some kind of justice and closure for the infected/affected community than ever before. The Department of Health cannot and must not take the lead in this. In case there is any further doubt….DO NOT REPLY TO THIS LETTER FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH!