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This small group known as The Forgotten Few exists to give Co Infected Haemophiliacs (and HIV infected partners) who were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C  by NHS contaminated blood products (Factor 8 etc.) representation to Parliament and other public bodies. Since the 1980s the co infected community have been ignored and many silenced due to the huge stigma associated with HIV. We have been forced to hide away in fear and this can no longer be allowed to continue. It is now time our small community has the pain, suffering and loss of life this tragedy has caused fully acknowledged by the British Government. We want a suitable compensation and healthcare package that reflects the injustices of the past and the suffering we still endure today.
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Wednesday 12th July 2017

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that an inquiry will be held into The Contaminated Blood Scandal.

We at The Forgotten Few see this as a big step towards some kind of justice, truth and ultimately closure for all those who have had their lives blighted by the state.

What is  of paramount importance however, are the Terms of Reference associated with the Inquiry. It is vital that the inquiry has the statutory powers to compel witnesses to give evidence under oath and cross-examination. It is also essential that ALL relevant documents are released, whoever they are held by (public or private bodies).

It is plain to The Forgotten Few that nothing else will suffice in satisfying our demands. Previous failures on behalf of the community (Archer, Penrose) must not reoccur. This is the legal opinion sought out by the membership.

Our community has waited in excess of thirty years for the truth to be told. We must at this stage take a moment or two to remember all those who have had their lives taken too early, who never managed to see these events unfold. We owe it to their memory to see this through to the very end.

The Forgotten Few would like to urge all co-infected individuals and their loved ones to think carefully about what they would consider to be the correct Terms of Reference to be once we are consulted as the Prime Minister has promised.

We would also like to thank all MPs, both current and past, who have shown their continued support in our struggle, particularly Diana Johnson, Andy Burnham, Alistair Burt, Nadhim Zahawi and all those who have contributed to the debates in the House.

Thank you

The Forgotten Few