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This small group known as The Forgotten Few exists to give Co Infected Haemophiliacs (and HIV infected partners) who were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C  by NHS contaminated blood products (Factor 8 etc.) representation to Parliament and other public bodies. Since the 1980s the co infected community have been ignored and many silenced due to the huge stigma associated with HIV. We have been forced to hide away in fear and this can no longer be allowed to continue. It is now time our small community has the pain, suffering and loss of life this tragedy has caused fully acknowledged by the British Government. We want a suitable compensation and healthcare package that reflects the injustices of the past and the suffering we still endure today.
If you are interested in our group and how to help or to request a membership, please email us at:


Finally, after 6 months of waiting, we have a chair for the Public Inquiry. Below is a written statement from the Cabinet Office announced yesterday.

‘The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office has today made the following Written Ministerial Statement.

I am announcing today the appointment of Sir Brian Langstaff to head the public inquiry into the Infected Blood scandal. The inquiry will be established under the 2005 Inquiries Act, with full powers, including the power to compel the production of documents, and to summon witnesses to give evidence on oath.

In relation to the appointment of the Chair, the Lord Chief Justice was asked to recommend a judge who, in his view, would be best suited to the task. The Lord Chief Justice recommended Sir Brian Langstaff: a highly respected and hugely experienced High Court judge. I have accepted the Lord Chief Justice’s recommendation.

Sir Brian will be the full time Chair of the Inquiry from 1 May following his retirement from the High Court. However, in order that those who have been affected by this tragedy face no further undue delay, he will use the intervening period to conduct a further consultation on the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference

The infected blood scandal of the ’70s and ’80s was an appalling tragedy that should never have happened. The victims of this tragedy who have endured so much pain and hardship deserve answers. It is crucial that their views are properly reflected in the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. He will want to listen carefully to the voices of those that have suffered before making a recommendation to me on what the scope of the Inquiry should be. I will return to Parliament with the final terms of reference as soon as this process has been completed.

The Government will ensure that the inquiry has the resources that it needs to complete its work. The Inquiry will, of course, also be independent of the Government.

It is very important that the Inquiry can identify why and how this tragedy occurred and provide answers for the all victims who have suffered so terribly, and can identify lessons to be learned so that a tragedy of this scale can never happen again.’


In light of recent events, it has come to our attention that the position of The Haemophilia Society is untenable.

To explain further….

In our view, the HS has been manoeuvring to try and take a lead role in the forthcoming Public Inquiry. We feel that this stance is completely inappropriate given The Society’s past role in The Contaminated Blood disaster.

In a recent press release, The Haemophilia Society has stated:

‘The Haemophilia Society is a membership organisation with over 5000 members, people living with an inherited bleeding disorder, their families and friends.’

  • It is our view that the HS are using the headline figure of 5000 members to try and intimate that they represent the views of the coinfected community. They do not.


‘We seek the best and safest treatment, greater understanding and awareness and the most appropriate support for people with bleeding disorders. We do this through campaigning, advocacy and support services.’

  • With the HS’s dubious past in regard to Contaminated Blood (incidentally for which they made a public apology last year), we feel they are not serving the community’s interest given the many past and present conflict of interests they have with the Department of Health and the pharmaceutical companies.


‘Most of our members or their families were affected by contaminated blood products and we therefore campaign for truth and justice for them.’

  • As the Haemophilia Society has not listened to The Forgotten Few’s opinion or point of view on the subject of The Public Inquiry, The Chair, The MacFarlane Trust (even though the HS had user trustees on the board), the DoH and has in recent months actively tried to silence our voice, how can they claim to represent the 250 coinfected haemophiliacs still alive today?


‘We regret the decisions of a small number of our members to cancel their membership over a perceived conflict between the historic actions of The Haemophilia Society and its ongoing work as a charity representing the needs of people with bleeding disorders.’

  • There is growing unrest and discomfort expressed over social media that the HS has a thinly veiled agenda and is trying to limit the damage to its reputation considering its past misdeeds.
  • The HS continues to be funded by the DoH and pharmaceutical companies. They have recently recruited a legal team with the Public Inquiry in mind. They will undoubtedly, almost certainly be subject to investigation during the PI. They have also recently recruited Debra Morgan as ‘Public Inquiry Project Lead’ on our behalf. She spent almost ten years working for Pfizer, a company who has donated to the HS and been involved with factor products. The HS still to this day has received large donations from pharmaceuticals alleged to be at fault and from companies who have subsequently acquired those alleged to be at fault.

An individual who is at the forefront of the campaign and has done remarkable, painstaking research, has recently written publicly to the Haemophilia Society to express his view more eloquenty than we can. The Forgotten Few agree whole heartedly with his decision to cancel his membership to the HS and we, as members of the coinfected community, suggest that others affected think seriously about their membership too. The Haemophilia Society does not represent us and we refuse to accept their representation in the upcoming Public Inquiry.

Thank you

The Forgotten Few


Following the meeting last Thursday at the Cabinet Office attended by campaign groups, please see the link below for the latest.



Please click on the link below for the press release from Collins Solicitors with regard to the meeting to be held at the Cabinet Office on Thursday 7th December with The Forgotten Few and other campaign groups.


Yesterday, the Government finally confirmed that the Cabinet Office will be heading up the Public Inquiry we have all been waiting so long for, but they have still to appoint a judge to chair. Please keep lobbying MPs and the press, we’ve waited long enough…



Revelations in the press yesterday after the sterling work of Jason Evans at The Factor 8 Campaign, uncover the level to which the government has tried to keep the truth hidden from the community and the general public.

Please click on the link below for the story covered by Sky News.


WEDNESDAY 26th September 2017

The Forgotten Few are both happy and grateful to pass on the news from Collins Solicitors of events yesterday in The High Court and hope that this is a huge step forward in having our voice heard where it matters, where the truth can be brought into the public domain and those accountable are held up to scrutiny.

‘Collins Solicitors are pleased to announce success in the first hearing relating to the group litigation on behalf of the victims of the contaminated blood scandal. In a hearing at the High Court in London today, Senior Master Fontaine ordered that the cases for the victims be dealt with by way of a group litigation order, with the terms of the order to be agreed between the parties. The group litigation will continue alongside the forthcoming public inquiry and will ensure that the victims of this historic tragedy, and their families, are properly compensated.’

Collins Solicitors


For those of you who have signed up with Collins Solicitors, they have set up a FaceBook page to help expedite communication.

The group is called the “Collins Solicitors Contaminated Blood Public Inquiry Group” and to join, clients will have to give the email they used to register with Collins. It can be found here:



It would appear that the Government is not listening to the message being put forward on your behalf by our campaign group and/or legal representatives. We believe that it is now the time for you to make your individual views known directly to the Department of Health.

We would be grateful if you could cut and paste the following and send an email to the Department of Health at


‘Dear Mr Hunt

I confirm that I insist that this must be a Statutory Public Inquiry: not a Hillsborough style panel. We need a Public Inquiry that has statutory powers so that it is able to compel witnesses under oath and order disclosure of documents from both the Government and private corporations especially the now privatised BPL. Quite frankly, anything less will just repeat the same mistakes of the inquiries of Lords Archer & Penrose where Department officials simply refused to give evidence.

To be clear, my stated view is that:

  1. There should be a Statutory Public Inquiry under the 2005 Act;
  2. A Chair must be appointed immediately; and,
  3. The Department of Health should play no part whatsoever in setting the remit of the Inquiry.

I trust that I have made my views clear as to the approach the Inquiry should take.

Yours sincerely’

 Just so that there can be no doubt about your view we should be grateful if you would cc the email addresses below to your email to the Department of Health.

The PMs Office: 

Diana Johnson:

Peter Bottomley:

Thank you.



The following letter has been sent today by Collins Solicitors to The Forgotten Few and other campaign groups for clarification.

Letter to Clients (1)


*****Please click on the following link to read the latest development regarding the role of The Reverend James Jones in the campaign.*****



It has come to our attention at TFF that the Department of Health have sent a letter to all concerned inviting individuals to write in to the DoH with views on the forthcoming Inquiry.

It is our view and that of our legal team that we should NOT reply to this letter and NOT engage with the DoH under any circumstances.

It is the view of our legal representatives, quoting a letter sent by them to us, their clients…

‘The unanimous approach of all key stakeholders in this matter is that there must be a full Public Inquiry under the Inquiries Act with the power to examine/cross-examine witnesses under subpoena if necessary and secure disclosure of all relevant documentation and that management of the Inquiry is transferred immediately to another Department of State.

Our advice is that you do not respond to this letter.’

We are further down the road to some kind of justice and closure for the infected/affected community than ever before. The Department of Health cannot and must not take the lead in this. In case there is any further doubt….DO NOT REPLY TO THIS LETTER FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH!