Dying for the Truth to be known….


There will be a Panorama broadcast on the  Contaminated Blood Scandal on May 10th, BBC 1 at 9pm (11.30pm in Scotland) entitled

‘Contaminated Blood: The Search for the Truth’

This program has taken more than a year to come to fruition and we hope will reveal the cover up of this scandal and reach a wider audience. In conjunction with Andy Burnham’s recent statement in the HoC last week, we at The Forgotten Few believe that this will be our best opportunity yet to compel the Government into a full public inquiry, a proper settlement and justice for those who have suffered and their families. Please make your MP and all Parliamentary candidates aware of this broadcast as we believe this could be a game changer. Please could you also try and press home the fact that we are a unique case. We were infected multiple times with multiple viruses over many years at the hands of the NHS. The whole bloods are a very different case and we must endeavour to separate the two.


Statement from The Haemophilia Society

Below is a link to The Haemophilia Society’s Statement with regard to their current position. We at The Forgotten Few feel that this raises a few questions.

  1. Why has The Society decided to release this statement now?
  2. Does this statement acknowledge finally what certain parts of the community have been saying for years? and if so, why weren’t they listening to us in the first place when the facts were plain to see?
  3. Are they trying to move into the box seat now that there are calls for the police to get involved? Or are they just trying to cover their backsides before the proverbial hits the fan?

Please follow the link, read and inwardly digest and tell us what you think.


Following the debate in the House of Commons on the 24th November 2016, the Forgotten Few Group would like to thank all MPs who took part. Particularly those whose constituents are co-infected and who raised awareness of the unique difficulties this group face with regards to treatment, psychological effects, lack of educational opportunity and financial loss.

Many who are co-infected find it very difficult to seek to engage with their MP, through fear of being rejected or having their identity revealed to outsiders. They have become used to living their lives hidden away and they will be buoyed to know that so many MPs spoke on their behalves. The Forgotten Few Group are very grateful to MPs who take time to understand the lives of their co-infected constituents and, through many personal meetings over the years, have been entrusted with extremely sensitive information.

The Forgotten Few Group would like to give particular thanks to Alistair Burt, who has remained a loyal MP, campaigner, and friend to his constituent for many years. Without Alistair’s desire to see justice served we are all too aware that we would not have made the progress we have and would still be battling to be heard in Parliament.

We join the calls made in the House of Commons last week, by all our MPs, for a proper settlement for the co-infected and an inquiry to help bring about some sort of closure to all those affected by this terrible scandal. The truth has been denied to us for many years and we hope that the Prime Minister will be the one to deliver this.

The Forgotten Few Group do not support the call for parity with Scotland and it’s settlement proposals, as we do not feel it goes far enough to bring about financial security or psychological closure. We call on as many co-infected who feel they can, to relay to their MP their wish to see the same end, and ask for their MP to support Alistair Burt and others in their aims and efforts to deliver us justice.

A place where our voices can be heard…

This small group known as The Forgotten Few exists to give Co Infected Haemophiliacs “who were dual infected with HIV and Hepatitis C” (and HIV infected partners) representation to Parliament and other public bodies. Since the 1980s the co infected community have been ignored and many silenced due to the huge stigma associated with HIV. We have been forced to hide away in fear and this can no longer be allowed to continue. It is now time our small community has the pain, suffering and loss of life this tragedy has caused fully acknowledged by the British Government. We want a suitable compensation and healthcare package that reflects the injustices of the past and the suffering we still endure today.

Over the coming weeks and months there will be regular postings on the issues that concern the group.
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