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Have you ever had a loan from MFT?….Had a loan secured or charge placed on your property by MFT?

Have you had a loan from MFT? Did you apply to MFT for a grant but offered a loan instead? Have you had a charge or loan secured on your property by MFT? Did you sign a loan agreement? Have you ever queried MFT or had problems regarding the terms and management of either an unsecured loan or charge secured on your property? Have you raised the matter with your MP? If you have had any problems with MFT regarding unsecured loans or charges placed on you property please let us know in confidence.
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Our Voice in Parliament…..

The Forgotten Few would like to thank all the MPs who attended the debate at Westminster Hall last Wednesday 9 September 2015. It was short but some major points were made by Margaret Richie MP who secured the debate. We are very grateful to those MPs who were able to speak up for their constituents and members of The Forgotten Few. We would also like to thank all those constituents and members of our group who continue to work closely with their MPs to enable our voices to be heard and towards a full and final settlement. More on the debate later….

15 September 2015

Call for Inquiry into MFT…..

Following a large amount of evidence that had been passed to MPs by their constituents, it became very clear that the MFT is not exactly ‘a shining example’ of a charitable set up, nor has it ever been.

It led MPs to declare the MFT “unfit for purpose” on more than one occasion and has made beneficiaries even more determined to expose the MFT and its shady workings and dealings.

After a handful of beneficiaries gathered information about the MFT and its history, current management, process for assistance, decision making and so on, we drew the same conclusion that, it is unthinkable that the MFT should not be held to account for its appalling failure to do everything within its power to provide its beneficiaries with the assistance they have to go “cap in hand” to ask for.

We therefore ask every MFT beneficiary to contact their MP and request he/she supports the call for an immediate inquiry into the MFT.

Members of our group have already made this request to their own MP, and the APPG will be receiving a formal request too. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the MPs who have already agreed to support this call for action to be taken.

Although our ultimate goal is to see the MFT scrapped, we do not feel that it should be allowed to just “slip away quietly” after the years of misery, stress, and frustration it has cast over many of its beneficiaries.

To allow the DoH to use the MFT as a puppet since it was set up in 1988 is bad enough, but to allow it to go unchallenged any longer, would be another crime against those who remain alive today.

8 September 2015

The Haemophilia Society and its appointed trustees to the board of the MFT

We thought it would be appropriate to set the record straight with regards to the Haemophilia Society (HS) and its appointed trustees to the board of the MFT.

There are currently two trustees who sit on the board of the MFT. They were appointed by the HS, but the CEO of the HS has reported that they hold no jurisdiction over their appointed trustees whatsoever. So what’s the point of them you may ask? That’s exactly what we would like to know too! …….click on our The Haemophilia Society page to see more