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Scottish Government Announcement 18th March 2016

Scottish Government Announcement 18th March 2016

The Scottish Government has today announced acceptance of the key financial recommendations of the independent Financial Review group looking at the issue of financial support for people affected by infected NHS blood and blood products.

Nicola Sturgeon’s government also confirmed a new Scottish scheme will be established for people who became infected with HIV and hepatitis C after treatment in Scotland, and their dependents. Current support packages for those affected by infected blood are delivered through UK-wide schemes.

The recommendations, which will be implemented in full in Scotland, are:

• Annual payments for those with HIV and advanced hepatitis C will be increased from £15,000 a year to £27,000 a year, to reflect average earnings
• Those with both HIV and hepatitis C will have annual payments increased from £30,000 to £37,000 to reflect additional health needs
• When a recipient dies, their spouse or civil partner will continue to receive 75 per cent of their annual payment 
• Those infected with chronic hepatitis C will receive a £50,000 lump sum payment (previously £20,000), meaning an additional £30,000 for those who have already received the lower payment
• A new Support and Assistance Grants scheme will be established in Scotland, to administer and provide more flexible grants to cover additional needs. Scottish Government funding for this scheme will be increased from £300,000 to £1 million per year.

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