IMPORTANT 23 February 2016 …HS appointed MFT Trustees..

Following the receipt of a covering letter and information sheet from the MFT with regards to the government proposals for scheme reform, it has been acknowledged that the decision to send such information to beneficiaries was taken by the board of the MFT.
Of the members of the board of the MFT, there are two trustees who have connections to the HS (Haemophilia Society) and their conduct has been questioned before.
For a second time, we now see conduct from the two trustees that beggars belief.
The MFT have created a terrible sense of fear and uncertainty by sending beneficiaries its take on the financial implications of the government’s scheme reform proposals. As we are well aware, the government’s proposals are incomplete at this stage, but that has made no difference to the MFT who took it upon itself to send beneficiaries information which they must have known would cause distress and anxiety.
Once again the two HS connected trustees keep silent and give their support to the MFT.
How much longer is the HS going to protect these two trustees and hide behind a feeble excuse that they cannot control them or remove them?
Are we once again to take it that the HS will sit by and allow the two trustees to be part of a board that makes decisions that have detrimental effects and consequences on beneficiaries?
The bottom line is the board of the MFT agreed to send incomplete and misleading information to beneficiaries that has caused terrible upset and anguish, yet the HS do nothing.
Maybe it is time that the two HS connected trustees answered to the beneficiaries over their shameful conduct and lack of courage?
Their silence speaks volumes about their involvement and principles.
What else have they kept silent about, and what will they stay silent about next?