Tuesday 1st August 2017

Below is a letter sent to The Reverend James Jones by campaign groups regarding his role in our campaign. It was discussed during a conference call last week with members of the APPG and The Haemophilia Society whether it would be beneficial for representatives from the campaign groups to meet with him with regards to our concerns over the DoH. After much thought and consultation, we at TFF, along with others, have decided that this would be an unnecessary delay as our views on the DoH and their role in any inquiry have been made abundantly clear on several occasions to the media, MPs and the Department themselves.


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Wednesday 12th July 2017

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that an inquiry will be held into The Contaminated Blood Scandal.

We at The Forgotten Few see this as a big step towards some kind of justice, truth and ultimately closure for all those who have had their lives blighted by the state.

What is  of paramount importance however, are the Terms of Reference associated with the Inquiry. It is vital that the inquiry has the statutory powers to compel witnesses to give evidence under oath and cross-examination. It is also essential that ALL relevant documents are released, whoever they are held by (public or private bodies).

It is plain to The Forgotten Few that nothing else will suffice in satisfying our demands. Previous failures on behalf of the community (Archer, Penrose) must not reoccur. This is the legal opinion sought out by the membership.

Our community has waited in excess of thirty years for the truth to be told. We must at this stage take a moment or two to remember all those who have had their lives taken too early, who never managed to see these events unfold. We owe it to their memory to see this through to the very end.

The Forgotten Few would like to urge all co-infected individuals and their loved ones to think carefully about what they would consider to be the correct Terms of Reference to be once we are consulted as the Prime Minister has promised.

We would also like to thank all MPs, both current and past, who have shown their continued support in our struggle, particularly Diana Johnson, Andy Burnham, Alistair Burt, Nadhim Zahawi and all those who have contributed to the debates in the House.

Thank you

The Forgotten Few


There will be a Panorama broadcast on the  Contaminated Blood Scandal on May 10th, BBC 1 at 9pm (11.30pm in Scotland) entitled

‘Contaminated Blood: The Search for the Truth’

This program has taken more than a year to come to fruition and we hope will reveal the cover up of this scandal and reach a wider audience. In conjunction with Andy Burnham’s recent statement in the HoC last week, we at The Forgotten Few believe that this will be our best opportunity yet to compel the Government into a full public inquiry, a proper settlement and justice for those who have suffered and their families. Please make your MP and all Parliamentary candidates aware of this broadcast as we believe this could be a game changer. Please could you also try and press home the fact that we are a unique case. We were infected multiple times with multiple viruses over many years at the hands of the NHS. The whole bloods are a very different case and we must endeavour to separate the two.


Statement from The Haemophilia Society

Below is a link to The Haemophilia Society’s Statement with regard to their current position. We at The Forgotten Few feel that this raises a few questions.

  1. Why has The Society decided to release this statement now?
  2. Does this statement acknowledge finally what certain parts of the community have been saying for years? and if so, why weren’t they listening to us in the first place when the facts were plain to see?
  3. Are they trying to move into the box seat now that there are calls for the police to get involved? Or are they just trying to cover their backsides before the proverbial hits the fan?

Please follow the link, read and inwardly digest and tell us what you think.


Following the debate in the House of Commons on the 24th November 2016, the Forgotten Few Group would like to thank all MPs who took part. Particularly those whose constituents are co-infected and who raised awareness of the unique difficulties this group face with regards to treatment, psychological effects, lack of educational opportunity and financial loss.

Many who are co-infected find it very difficult to seek to engage with their MP, through fear of being rejected or having their identity revealed to outsiders. They have become used to living their lives hidden away and they will be buoyed to know that so many MPs spoke on their behalves. The Forgotten Few Group are very grateful to MPs who take time to understand the lives of their co-infected constituents and, through many personal meetings over the years, have been entrusted with extremely sensitive information.

The Forgotten Few Group would like to give particular thanks to Alistair Burt, who has remained a loyal MP, campaigner, and friend to his constituent for many years. Without Alistair’s desire to see justice served we are all too aware that we would not have made the progress we have and would still be battling to be heard in Parliament.

We join the calls made in the House of Commons last week, by all our MPs, for a proper settlement for the co-infected and an inquiry to help bring about some sort of closure to all those affected by this terrible scandal. The truth has been denied to us for many years and we hope that the Prime Minister will be the one to deliver this.

The Forgotten Few Group do not support the call for parity with Scotland and it’s settlement proposals, as we do not feel it goes far enough to bring about financial security or psychological closure. We call on as many co-infected who feel they can, to relay to their MP their wish to see the same end, and ask for their MP to support Alistair Burt and others in their aims and efforts to deliver us justice.

Please see this letter from Alistair Burt to Lord O’Shaughnessy with regard to the recent back track on the consultation. Please share this with anyone you think relevant.Infected Blood Consultation March 2017

Call for Inquiry into MFT

Following a large amount of evidence that had been passed to MPs by their constituents, it became very clear that the MFT is not exactly ‘a shining example’ of a charitable set up, nor has it ever been.

It led MPs to declare the MFT “unfit for purpose” on more than one occasion and has made beneficiaries even more determined to expose the MFT and its shady workings and dealings.

After a handful of beneficiaries gathered information about the MFT and its history, current management, process for assistance, decision making and so on, we drew the same conclusion that, it is unthinkable that the MFT should not be held to account for its appalling failure to do everything within its power to provide its beneficiaries with the assistance they have to go “cap in hand” to ask for.

We therefore ask every MFT beneficiary to contact their MP and request he/she supports the call for an immediate inquiry into the MFT.

Members of our group have already made this request to their own MP, and the APPG will be receiving a formal request too. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the MPs who have already agreed to support this call for action to be taken.

Although our ultimate goal is to see the MFT scrapped, we do not feel that it should be allowed to just “slip away quietly” after the years of misery, stress, and frustration it has cast over many of its beneficiaries.

To allow the DoH to use the MFT as a puppet since it was set up in 1988 is bad enough, but to allow it to go unchallenged any longer, would be another crime against those who remain alive today.

8 September 2015

House of Commons Debate in Westminster Hall on 9 September 2015

11:00 am – 11:30 am Ms Margaret Ritchie Contaminated blood products

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