This small group known as the Forgotten Few exists to give Co-infected Haemophiliacs who were dual infected with HIV and Hepatitis C over thirty years ago (and HIV infected partners) an official campaign group to lobby Government for proper compensation and to recognise how contaminated blood has totally decimated our lives.

Originally there were 1243 young boys/adults infected. Today 256 out of that 1243 originally infected are all that remain alive today in England. This number continues to reduce year on year.

Since the 1980s the Co-infected community’s needs have been ignored by Government, apart from inadequate, demeaning, piece-meal, means-tested payments.

Many have been silenced due to the huge stigma associated with HIV. This stigma is still very much in existence today. We have been forced to hide ourselves away in fear, unable to publicly speak about how devastating the infections have been, to enable our identities to remain hidden.

Is it too much to ask that the Government finally address this small number of damaged, vulnerable, people and acknowledge the pain and suffering this tragedy has caused to innocent Haemophiliacs, through no fault of their own?

All we are asking for is our dignity to be restored, along with proper financial independence. We firmly believe that this could easily be achieved if the Government engaged with us and fully understood our plight.

MPs have recognised this scandal, Parliament has admitted to it, and the Prime Minister has apologised for it. However, we are still denied compensation. Instead we have now been told that £100 million of NHS funding will be used, and spread even thinner, at the detriment of the Co-infected, as the bulk of funding will be used to finance new payments to the HCV (Hepatitis C) stage one community and may provide funding for new successful drugs to cure the HCV virus. As the most seriously ill and damaged we continue to be brushed aside.

With such a small number of us left alive, we feel that the current government proposals are insulting and should be scrapped. A full and final settlement for this group should be immediately forthcoming as time is certainly not on our side. Until we achieve this, we will continue to fight until the last one of us dies.


If you feel that you can offer any assistance to us, would like to ask any questions, have an interest in our situation or would simply like to respond, please contact us at ourvoice@theforgottenfew.com

Alternatively, follow us on Twitter @theforgotten284.

Thank you.

The Forgotten Few