The Forgotten Few would like to state our position with regards to the latest settlement proposals from the Department of Health.

The Forgotten Few group would like to thank our supporters in Parliament for their continued work with us, in trying to bring about a just settlement for those who were Co infected with HIV and HEP C by contaminated blood products ( and HIV infected partners ).

We are certain that they along with us are extremely disappointed by the proposals put forward by Government. Many MPs are now witnessing first hand how appallingly  we have been treated for years by Westminster.

The latest meagre proposals fall way short of the mark needed by this group, to even enable us to consider accepting them as an end to our campaign.

Therefore we are in no doubt that we are once again forced to continue our fight for justice, and will do so until a satisfactory settlement can be reached.

We reject the latest proposals as an end to our fight, and assure all infected people that we will pursue our goal of bringing about a fair resolution to the scandal they have been a victim of for so many years.

TFF believe that the Department of  Health has failed yet again to listen and act accordingly to the needs and opinions of the surviving members of our group.

With only 256 original MFT primary beneficiaries left alive, it has become clear that the Government and DoH has no intention of giving us the dignity and financial recompense that we deserve after more than 30 years of HIV and then Hep C Co-infection, resulting in many having to exist by living on charity.

With so few of us left, we have to wonder what sort of sordid game the Government and DoH are playing.  Is this a deliberate attempt to wait for us all to die without recognition ?

It would certainly fit the picture considering that is exactly how we have been treated since we were infected.

Compensation aside, we have never even been afforded basic human rights to life.

Therefore, we would like to make it perfectly clear that we do not regard anything other than proper financial security and independence as a way to progress towards any type of settlement or closure.

We call for the MacFarlane Trust to be closed, and NOT replaced or reincarnated.  We have had enough of going  “cap in hand” to a charity set up in the 1980s to help people, but has created more misery in it’s existence than benefit.  Another charity or trust fund set up in it’s place would just be a further insult too.

We call for a substantial lump sum payment, so that people can clear debts, carry out home repairs, payments to mortgages etc, and enable themselves to have peace of mind that their homes are financially secure. This would also give people the knowledge that they have provided for their families ( if they have one ) after their death.

We call for an ongoing annual payment, so that we can live with dignity, security, and financial independence for however long we survive. This would also provide a form of pension for our future and remove us from the benefits system.

We do not believe that the current Scottish settlement deal is sufficient for those of us left alive in the UK, as it does not go far enough to meet our needs or future burdens.

It is however an honourable and compassionate start in Scotland, and it has heaped shame on Westminster.

We do not want to be kept in the position of having to apply to a degrading, uncaring charity for supposed assistance, when its aim has always seemed to have been to save money for Government by refusing primary beneficiaries it is tasked with helping, the financial help they need and rightly deserve.

It is a humiliating, outdated and callous way to treat people that have been Co-infected with HIV and HEP C by the state. The MFT has grown steadily worse, with beneficiaries giving testaments of how they have been treated in appalling ways.

This and much more information was supplied to MPs and it led them to call for the closure of the MFT on the grounds of being “unfit for purpose”.

So, we do not want another trust or charity to replace the MFT, as we feel that after nearly 30 years of being forced to live under the rule of charity, we have earned the right to live a financially independent life, for how ever long that may be.

Nothing short of “Root and Branch reform, and total financial commitment to us”, is the only way forwards for Government and the DoH now. It is not as if we are the only group of wronged medical patients of the state to survive and pursue justice.

After being lead to believe that the Government and DoH finally wanted to do the honourable and decent thing for us, we are now forced to actively explore every legal avenue to obtain proper financial redress, as it is painfully clear the Government and DoH has no intention of doing the right thing by choice.

It is why The Forgotten Few now believe that our small but fair settlement proposal stated above will not be forthcoming.

Our only option therefore is to seek legal representation, and at last, have our day in court.

Whilst we pursue legal action, we now formally call on the Government to instigate a full, unrestricted, public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal that has killed so many, and left many more with a lingering death sentence.

With many other topics and incidents receiving a public inquiry, seemingly at the drop of a hat, we cannot draw any other conclusion than obviously, the Gov’t and Dep’t of Health, continue to deny us justice, because they have something to hide.

It is shameful that we are not only infected by the state, but we are then denied justice, and forced into a battle of attrition, with the odds stacked firmly in favour of Westminster.

How much more must we endure at the hands of the Government and the DoH ?

Thank you

The Forgotten Few group.




STATEMENT from TFF 18 November 2015

After the recent publication of the Reference Group meeting Invitation document, TheForgottenFew (TFF) are very unhappy with how the document indicates that the questionable organisation and secrecy of the meeting was not what the DoH intended to have happened, and much could have been done differently. We have witnessed first hand that the wider community, and individual long term campaigners are very angry at the way things were handled by the Haemophilia Society and groups attending, and we have to agree with them that it appears that the meeting was organised and carried out in a very underhanded way.

Going by the date on the invitation document, there was plenty of time for the wider community to have at the very least been informed of the upcoming meeting, and to have been canvassed for views and opinions. Neither of the above took place, which leads us to question why the Haemophilia Society allowed this to happen, and then continue to be party to it. The document raises further points of interest that we will be covering too.

With this in mind, we feel that the community deserve an explanation and intend to take this matter further.
This whole episode in our opinion has once again brought into question the integrity of the Haemophilia Society and campaign groups, and should not be allowed to be repeated.